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Cut cycle times. Boost visibility. Find savings. With Fairmarkit, you can finally get tail spend under control.

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Automate tail spend management to get results:

Want to cut procurement cycle times by up to 40%? Get rid of manual steps like supplier selection, RFQ publishing, and RFQ awarding in your source-to-award process.

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Our customers save an average 10%. So can you. With more competition in your tail spend, you’ll get more bids and better pricing on one-off purchases—plus the upper hand when renegotiating contracts.

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See what’s in your tail spend with structured data and analytics. And create performance reports whenever you need them. 

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Predictable, streamlined, and automated sourcing means always-on compliance and built-in transparency. Enforce supplier diversity and minimum bid policies—without the “per my last email” emails.

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Our customers get more out of every purchase

Fairmarkit customers automate tail spend sourcing to drive results that support their efficiency, digitalization, and cost savings initiatives.


~90% of requests receive a bid below the benchmark within 4 hours


Every RFx sourced through our platform receives, on average, at least 3 bids


Over 10% savings realized on purchases made through our marketplace

“Automation and the capture of data makes our platform infinitely smarter than any one person.”

Nicholas Wright
Director, Digital and Innovation

“Fairmarkit’s machine learning approach to tail spend management was hugely compelling. We were impressed by the speed of implementation, particularly given that we integrated with multiple source systems.”

Kieran Dowd
Sourcing Solutions and General Manager of Emirates Flight Catering

“When bringing Fairmarkit to BT Sourced, we set our sights on disrupting the way our organization and the whole industry thinks about sourcing”

Cyril Pourrat
Chief Procurement Officer

“... Imagine what you can do when you automate more processes. This helps you start developing people. Not only do my savings grow, but the plants are happier, and the employees are happier.”

David Yost
Buyer Supervisor, Materion

“We really have seen that hands-on, personal touch, from the Fairmarkit team. They help us get over any difficulties, are willing to take our suggestions and make immediate changes.”

Tim Genter
Sourcing Governance, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Don’t let business users go rogue. Fairmarkit is built to manage tail spend so you can get procurement under control in no time.


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