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“At bp, it was one of our first significant digital platforms, and it is disrupting the way that we work within procurement; it’s actually made people stand up and realize that we can do things differently. As a team, we’re inspired to go out and look for the next Fairmarkit - to disrupt other manual processes.”
Nicholas Wright
Director, Digital and Innovation
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“At our fingertips we now have a wealth of knowledge—how long it takes when buyers send out RFQs, when companies are responding and how long it takes to complete a purchase; this knowledge vastly improves the procurement process and provides us with the ability to use that information strategically.”
Duncan Macfarlane
Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
“Refinitiv’s implementation & scale of the Fairmarkit solution has been fast and successful. We went live within a few weeks and with only a small amount of effort by our team. We achieved our ROI target within the first six months and delivered real savings on our tail spend at multiple times cost.”
David Zullo
Vice President, Head of Global Sourcing