Our customers are changing the game

Fairmarkit customers are global enterprises with an innovative spirit and a desire to drive change. Here's how we partner with them.

“Fairmarkit gives our buyers the tools they need to make responsible, informed decisions, based on a detailed history of purchasing information. Just with the functionality of making a public platform that stores how much people are quoting or bidding on my system is worth its weight in gold.”

Nick Easley
Chief Transformation Officer
sourced with Fairmarkit
of automated sourcing
reduction cycle time

“If you found one quote for the year that hits your goal in March, imagine what you can do when you automate more processes. This helps you start developing people. And then your employees become more engaged, and this is a balloon of success. Not only do my savings grow, but the plants are happier, and the employees are happier. This is my big vision.”

David Yost
Buyer Supervisor

“As a rapidly growing company, the Fairmarkit partnership allows Snowflake to efficiently scale our procurement processes. Their innovative technology enables our team and business stakeholders to easily identify vendors and competitively source new purchases in a way that controls costs and positively impacts the bottom line. As a two-time customer, I see Fairmarkit continuing to disrupt the procurement landscape”

Joe Frederick
Senior Director, Procurement & Strategic Sourcing
savings on MRO and tail spend
sourced with Fairmarkit
realized savings across all categories

“Fairmarkit enables us to leverage a solution to scan the marketplace and identify potentially new entrants to our supply chain. Even if we don’t switch the vendor, it gives us the chance to test our partnership with that existing vendor.”

Jason Buck
Director of Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management

“In the first two weeks, we had seen the spend coverage as a six-digit number but then starting by the third week we started to see this seven digit spend coverage. That showed that our procurement people had built confidence in the product because the machine learning and artificial intelligence are successfully helping them.”

Fulden Sener
Vice President, Transformation

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