Case studies

Innovative companies choose Fairmarkit's automated buying platform to transform their non-strategic spend management practices.

Materion is transforming its buyers' processes and culture with Fairmarkit

Materion has automated its nonstrategic purchasing using Fairmarkit in order to optimize tail spend management. With an average savings of $48k per buyer since implementing Fairmarkit, Materion’s buyers are transforming their buying processes and reinventing their procurement culture.

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The MBTA uses Fairmarkit to save over $100K every month

Fairmarkit revolutionized the MBTA's tail spend procurement process by digitizing their sourcing operations resulting in a reduction of source-to-award cycle times, savings of over $5M, and improved spend oversight.

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Univision automated its entire tail spend process with Fairmarkit

Univision switched from a prominent BPO to Fairmarkit to improve visibility into nonstrategic spend. In addition to greater oversight, Univision has also realized over 15% in cost savings with Fairmarkit's artificial intelligence platform.

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YETI improved efficiency while saving over 10% on nonstrategic purchases

Fairmarkit rapidly improved YETI's tail spend management processes by enabling buyers to leverage Fairmarkit's automated processes and machine learning algorithms to increase the number of vendors invited to requisitions.

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