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Optimize supplier matches at scale so that every sourced event contributes to cost reduction, cycle times, and compliance goals

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AI-powered supplier recommendations

Replace outdated spreadsheets and incomplete supplier data with the power of AI. Receive 60% more responses and enjoy competitive bidding for every event, everyday.

Automatic intelligent recommendations

Fairmarkit analyzes RFx details, procurement history and trends, manufacturer and SKU information, supplier metadata, and more to provide relevant supplier recommendations that are unique to every event.

Fairmarkit Insights

Fairmarkit Insights gives you essential information about suppliers, empowering you to make smarter procurement choices. Instead of using a traditional confidence score, Fairmarkit Insights shows you how likely a supplier is to bid on your request, classifying them as 'high', 'medium', or 'low'.

Supplier Marketplace

Ensure supply continuity and discover additional suppliers from Fairmarkit’s network of global suppliers who are willing and able to provide competitive quotes for your events.

Easy manual changes

Curate frequently used supplier groups to accelerate the source-to-award process even further. Add and remove suppliers from events with a single click at any time.

Company Descriptions

The company description provides a quick summary of each supplier, offering important background details. With Fairmarkit Insights, you can simplify supplier selection, improve transparency, and achieve successful procurement results with certainty.

Fairmarkit’s AI