Fairmarkit understands the importance of delivering our product and service to our customers and vendor partners with the highest degree of security.

Our security and governance policies, and the security certification standards we adopt, have been adopted to address the following objectives


Understand and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines related to information security and data governance.


Protect Fairmarkit’s information assets, including all information entrusted to the company by customers and vendors within our business activities.


Ensure our customers’ success with high availability and reliability of Fairmarkit’s infrastructure, technology, and SaaS application.

Security practices

SOC-2 Compliance

Fairmarkit is dedicated to continuously improving our security measures across the organization to ensure the utmost protection of our customer data. As part of this commitment, we have achieved and continue to maintain a SOC2 Type 1 compliance certification. Full report furnished upon request.

Service provider security

Fairmarkit engages with service providers and business partners that meet our information security and governance standards, including demonstrating the highest levels of physical security standards and practices (e.g. AWS for cloud hosting) where applicable. In all cases, data privacy and confidentiality is paramount; mutual confidentiality agreements are executed for partnerships where confidential or sensitive business information may be shared.

Data privacy

Fairmarkit has defined and implemented comprehensive Data Privacy policies and educates employees and business partners on Fairmarkit’s use of data in its business practices. Fairmarkit does not sell or make automated decisions based on personal information.

See our full privacy policy for more information.

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Further Information

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