Meet procurement targets
at scale

Fairmarkit’s autonomous sourcing platform helps procurement teams do more with less

Why you need autonomous sourcing

Tail spend is ripe for transformation but it is hard to tackle
at scale
Strategic sourcing is a burdensome process mired in outdated solutions
Business users want faster cycle times and a
stress-free experience

The Fairmarkit difference

See why Fairmarkit is trusted by a global network of enterprise buyers, suppliers, and partners

Our implementation team partners with you at every step, from project scope to change management. Start creating events and realizing ROI in record time.
Access the Fairmarkit marketplace, an expanding ecosystem of global suppliers who can fuel your growth and ensure compliance with ESG and diversity goals.
Automation and AI bring more spend under management, allowing procurement teams to focus on higher value strategic projects.
“I have been most impressed with Fairmarkit in their overall culture. It's customer centric, it's customer driven, it's all about the customer.”
Jeremy Jordan
Chief Operating Officer
“Without a doubt, partnering with Fairmarkit was the right decision. We view it not just as an excellent tool, but also as an expansion of our own team.”
Brian Jackson
Commercial and Supply Chain Manager
“Fairmarkit has been a partner from day one. By using Fairmarkit, we've been able to identify 15% savings across our entire tail spend.”
Henry Shepperd
Senior Procurement Performance Manager

Where we fit

Non-strategic and off-catalog spend is perfect for automation. Fairmarkit allows you to competitively source the high volumes of purchases that may otherwise be out of reach.