Strategic Sourcing needs an overhaul

GenAI and Automation provide a game-changing
RFP experience

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Here’s how it works:
Engage requesters early with GenAI sourcing intake
Route requests and generate SOWs in seconds
Create RFPs and invite collaborators in minutes
Go from request to award in days instead of months

Product features

Say goodbye to phone calls, forms, and unhelpful chatbots. KIT helps you engage business users early by helping them submit their requirements, assigning categories, and auto-generating SOWs before any supplier engagement.

KIT consolidates all demand for goods & services in a single, intuitive inbox that provides visibility into demand status, age, and next steps so you are always on top of SLAs. KIT also intelligently routes requests based on policies & procedures. For example, it can identify contracted spend and route it to a catalog instead of the sourcing pipeline.

Never struggle with adoption of RFP tools again. Whether you’re leveraging the built-in SIG templates or information in the Sourcing Inbox, a comprehensive RFP is always minutes away. Fairmarkit makes complex tasks easy, with extensive capabilities for multi-round bidding, reverse auctions, event logs, sealed bids, and more.

Strategic sourcing is a team effort. Invite any number of RFP collaborators, each of whom can login to review detailed information, communicate with suppliers, attach documentation, and more. Fairmarkit also supports weighted scoring & evaluation, so you can ditch the complex spreadsheets and meetings  in favor of an easy and transparent collaboration process.

Make proactive and data-driven decisions to optimize sourcing on a continuous basis. Embedded dashboards provide a holistic snapshot of team performance, event analytics, spend & savings by segment, supplier utilization, and more.

“Fairmarkit delivers automated sourcing that allows our team to be highly efficient. With the addition of this new set of capabilities, Fairmarkit RFP brings that innovation to more strategic sourcing events in a way that other technologies do not. By integrating with Coupa and streamlining every point in the sourcing process, Fairmarkit allows teams to run more events than ever and greatly impact their KPIs.”
Joe Frederick
Senior Director, Procurement

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Power of partnership

Fairmarkit’s global partner network integrates a variety of organizations that help enterprise procurement teams modernize, digitize and automate their technology and source-to-pay processes.
“What are the solutions and the new technologies that can help our teams to automate the tasks so then we can deliver at pace and at scale? We really try hard to make procurement simple, digital and responsible. Those three features are perfectly embedded into Fairmarkit."
Fulden Sener
Vice President of Transformation

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Bidirectional integrations

Artificial Intelligence engine

Autonomous sourcing

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time data visibility, driven by integrations as well as activity & engagement on the Fairmarkit platform

Configurable automation for the source-to-award workflow, fed by the AI engine and buyer preferences

Processes metadata and trends from sourced events, supplier interactions, and aggregated insights from thousands of daily transactions on Fairmarkit

Standardized API connectors to leading ERP and P2P systems used by enterprise procurement teams

SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified