Fairmarkit puts tail spend within reach

Leverage automation and AI to tackle more spend without adding headcount or resources

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Here’s how it works:
Plug Fairmarkit into your system
Let our AI find the best suppliers for requests
Review quotes we gather from suppliers
Save $$$ with every award
More events per FTE
Average savings
Reduced cycle times

Product features

Extensive automation for your sourcing workflows, from event creation to awarding. Choose the parts you want to automate, while still retaining control over spend decisions.

AI-powered supplier recommendations based on historical data and event activity from your own procurement systems as well as the Fairmarkit supplier marketplace. Always engage the most relevant suppliers for any event.

Bi-directional sync with ERP and P2P systems lets you leverage autonomous sourcing and AI without displacing existing processes or re-training business stakeholders.

Monitor procurement KPIs, team performance, compliance, and more on real-time analytics dashboards. All spend through the Fairmarkit platform can be tracked by categories, suppliers, buyers, and savings.

RFQs and RFPs can be created by procurement teams or business users, with the ability to manage events, configure templates, attach files, review responses, and make data-driven award decisions.

Fairmarkit’s robust ERP/P2P integrations, along with SOC2 and ISO 27001 certifications, are leveraged by some of the largest organizations in the world. A hassle-free implementation with minimal IT involvement ensures that you are on your way to ROI in record time.

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Power of partnership

Fairmarkit’s global partner network integrates a variety of organizations that help enterprise procurement teams modernize, digitize and automate their technology and source-to-pay processes.
“We really try hard to make procurement simple, digital and responsible. So those three features were perfectly embedded into Fairmarkit’s solution. Starting with the user experience, it is really simple to use. Secondly, the machine learning and artificial intelligence makes our lives much easier and reduces our cycle time. Finally, it’s really easy to implement."
Fulden Sener
Vice President, Transformation

See how we do it

Bidirectional integrations

Artificial Intelligence engine

Autonomous sourcing

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time data visibility, driven by integrations as well as activity & engagement on the Fairmarkit platform

Configurable automation for the source-to-award workflow, fed by the AI engine and buyer preferences

Processes metadata and trends from sourced events, supplier interactions, and aggregated insights from thousands of daily transactions on Fairmarkit

Standardized API connectors to leading ERP and P2P systems used by enterprise procurement teams

SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified