Optimizing Tail Spend For The Enterprise

Fairmarkit leverages machine learning technology to provide unmatched visibility into and control of the tail spend procurement process.
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Up to 40% better pricing, 30% quicker procurement, across 4x more vendors.
Why Fairmarkit?

Why Fairmarkit?

Founded in the heart of Boston, Fairmarkit is a SaaS platform that optimizes visibility and control into tail spend processes. While tail spend accounts for only 20% of an enterprise’s annual spend, it makes up 80% of the vendors and transactions, creating a management nightmare. Fairmarkit’s simple tail spend management platform uses machine learning to increase procurement control, yielding greater efficiencies and savings of 6-12%.
Risk reduction
Fairmarkit puts your data to work for you. By tracking and analyzing tail spend transactions and trends, Fairmarkit identifies operational risks and automates the process of obtaining the best prices from trusted vendors.
Cost savings
Using machine learning techniques, Fairmarkit identifies the right vendors to compete for each tail spend purchase. On average, customers realize savings of 6-12%.
Time savings
Fairmarkit simplifies and streamlines the RFQ process, allowing buyers to spend an average of 30% less time on bids and tripling the number of approved vendors included in each request.
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How it works

Fairmarkit vendor result list showing saved vendor groups
Fairmarkit auto-populates vendors based of manufactures, part numbers, and free-text
Gain ability to select pre-set and customized groups of registered vendors
Fairmarkit vendor result list
Enable Fairmarkit to auto-invite non-registered vendors when additional competition is needed
Clearly identified which vendors are registered & non-registered at your company
Fairmarkit draft Request for Quote list
View a clean dashboard to track Drafts, Open, Closed, and Awarded requisitions
Easily send out dozens of imported requisitions in minutes
Fairmarkit Analytics page showing data in chart form
Setup your specific KPIs and track them in real time
Monitor tail spend adoption in 1 simple report
The purpose of the Request for Quote (RFQ) is to leverage economies of scale to drive pricing down, and reach the best value purchase. The historic balancing act has always been to determine how much time should be spent sending out the requests. With Fairmarkit, you don’t have manage the trade-off of your team’s time versus spend under management as you can easily automate the sourcing process.
There is a better way than sending your team through the manual task of searching Google, getting lost in dozens of catalogs, scouring through spreadsheets, or more commonly just simply relying on 1-2 or 2 tribal knowledge vendors. Fairmarkit uses machine learning to automate the recommendation of vendors that should be included across 1,000s of individual purchases without human touch.
When starting off with a new enterprise customer we first apply the platform to make better use of our customer’s existing vendor base. However, after partnering with them for a few months, we use our recommendation system to invite outside trusted vendors to drive additional value to the company. To continue supporting vendor consolidation initiatives, we also provide metadata on vendor performance to easily identify the bottom 5-10% of vendors that can be removed from your system.
The first step in getting control of your tail spend is to collect a steady stream of clean and structured data. However, data alone doesn’t move the needle. Fairmarkit uses machine learning techniques to generate actionable insight from your data that drives operational efficiencies and flags potential areas of risk that require human interaction.
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MBTA Achieves 8% Average Cost Savings Through Fairmarkit

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Fairmarkit delivers a simple sourcing platform to address the 20% of spend that’s not under management

See how Fairmarkit can put your data to work to receive an average of 6-12% cost savings, increase operational efficiencies by 30% and gain the ability to re-allocate your team to more strategic initiatives.
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