Who we are

Our brand is an expression of who we are. Fairmarkit’s verbal and visual identity is summarized in these standards and guidelines. This page establishes rules for the consistent implementation of Fairmarkit’s identity through words, usage, imagery, and more.


This page provides an overview of Fairmarkit's brand and messaging with links to download our logos and typefaces. For a more comprehensive breakdown of our brand guidelines please click here.


We use two typefaces, a sans serif font (Figtree) and a serif font (Lora). Paired together, these turn presentations into ones that are aesthetically pleasing and distinctly Fairmarkit.

Each typeface has a specific purpose. We use Figtree for headers and smaller text whereas we use Lora for body text and longer form content.




Our color palette is what sets Fairmarkit apart and is essential to what makes our brand recognizable. Our primary palette consists of a unique blend of colors, incorporating vibrant purples to balance the deep navy of our logo that’s used to anchor the brand.

Whenever possible, we use our tan as a background color to add warmth and friendliness to each form of visual communication.

Our secondary colors are softer and used primarily in illustrations.

Primary palette


Secondary palette



Long description

Fairmarkit is an autonomous sourcing platform that equips procurement teams with AI, GenAI and automation so they can source more competitively at scale. It integrates with ERP and P2P systems to automate source-to-award workflows and help you manage 10x more events, realize over 11% cost-savings across categories, and reduce cycle times by over 40%.

Fairmarkit’s AI and GenAI capabilities bridge the gap between procurement and their stakeholders by streamlining demand intake for business users, automating RFx creation, and optimizing supplier selection for each event. Whether implemented for tail spend or strategic sourcing, Fairmarkit helps procurement teams at companies like Boeing, bp, SDI, Vera Bradley, and Snowflake do more with less every day.

Short description

Fairmarkit is an autonomous sourcing platform that helps organizations source more competitively at scale. Procurement teams use Fairmarkit’s AI and GenAI capabilities to manage 10x more events per FTE and uncover $40k in savings per buyer per week.

For more information on brand or messaging please contact Erik DiMauro.