From requisition to PO in as little as 5 minutes

Turn predictable and repetitive spend into an end-to-end automated workflow that you can monitor and configure at any time

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Automate as much or as little, without relinquishing control
Turn requisitions into RFQs
Bundle similar RFQs
Find the best-fit suppliers
Engage suppliers and collect bids
Award POs based on your criteria

Defining Autonomous Sourcing

What is autonomous sourcing?

Who is it for?

How are procurement teams leveraging AI?

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Remove manual steps from sourcing

Autonomous sourcing liberates buyers from repetitive manual tasks so they can focus on higher value projects. With Fairmarkit, you manage more spend and discover cost-savings at an unprecedented scale.

Automated with Fairmarkit
Not automated
User creates requisition
Create draft RFQ (disconnected from req)
Manually Search vendors
Finalize and submit RFQ (email)
Send request to suppliers and aggregate bids
Communicate results to suppliers
Update requisition
Partially automated with Fairmarkit
User creates requisition
Create draft RFQ and find suppliers
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Finalize and submit RFQ
Send request to suppliers and aggregate bids
fairmarkit icon
Review bids and Award
Communicate results to suppliers and update requisition
Fully automated with Fairmarkit
User creates requisition
Create draft RFQ and automatically bundle
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Match suppliers and send RFQ via email
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Aggregate bids and award based on procurement criteria
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Communicate results to suppliers and update requisition in ERP
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"Automation and the capture of data makes our platform infinitely smarter than any one person. We are now using real time data to make accurate decisions—more than one single brain can comprehend."
Nicholas Wright
Director, Digital and Innovation
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“Biggest pain point that we were trying to solve was to find a way we could record and capture all of the quoting information for our customers. So Fairmarkit automated and streamlined that process and allowed us to smooth our overall processes.”
Jeremy Jordan
Chief Operating Officer
“When we saw the machine learning solution that Fairmarkit was providing, we recognized its competitive advantage. We set a target of reducing cycle time by 50%. And today, we've achieved over 85% reduction in cycle time.”
Henry Shepperd
Senior Procurement Performance Manager
“We would not have taken advantage of many of these sourcing opportunities because of the amount of resources it would have taken to do it. Fairmarkit has allowed us to make a much more sound decision on how to deploy our resources.”
Tim Genter
Manager of Procurement and Sourcing Governance