10 procurement leaders we're watching in 2020

December 26, 2019

At Fairmarkit, we are constantly amazed by the ways that procurement leaders are driving their companies forward and pushing the envelope on innovation and strategy. Here are ten leaders that we are excited to watch in 2020.

Rendi Miller

Rendi Miller is a sourcing and procurement leader and is currently the VP of Procurement at Zendesk. She is experienced in developing global strategic sourcing, category management, and P2P solutions with a strong background in travel and expense programs. She recently sat down with Mark Raffan of the Negotiations Ninja podcast to discuss how procurement professionals can improve interfacing with business stakeholders to develop trust and build relationships. 

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Andrew Bartolini

Andrew Bartolini is a global expert in sourcing and procurement. As the Founder and Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners, Andrew focuses his research on helping enterprises develop and execute strategies to achieve operational excellence within their procurement departments. He is also the publisher of CPO Rising, the first independent media site written for and about CPOs and other procurement executives. Andrew is very active on Twitter, he is a must-follow in the procurement space.

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Jocelyn Stahl

Jocelyn Stahl has been with The Hershey Company for over 11 years in procurement and is now the Director of Manufacturing Alliances which encompasses contract manufacturing and contract packaging. In an interview with the Art of Procurement at ProcureCon, Jocelyn talks about building an indirect procurement organization at The Hershey Company. She and team have challenged the status quo while serving the needs of the business and improved the perception of working with procurement departments. 

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Greg Tennyson

Greg is currently the Head of Sourcing at VSP Global and was previously the CPO of various business units at Salesforce.com and Oracle Corporation. A procurement-industry veteran, he is a recognized leader in the field and has extensive experience leading transformative change across a wide range of organizations. Recently he was inducted into the SIG Hall of Fame. He was also one of three procurement leaders who contributed to our piece on Building a Procurement Department. 

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Walter Charles

Walter Charles is the Senior VP and Chief Procurement Officer at Allergan. He’s held CPO titles and procurement leadership roles at companies including Biogen, Kraft Foods, Kellogg, and Johnson & Johnson. During his time at Johnson & Johnson, Walter and his team delivered a contract that generated over $100 million in savings, which at the time, was the largest deal ever in the medical devices sector within the company. This deal put Walter on the map as one of the top procurement leaders. Check out his keynote from CPO Rising in 2017

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Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson has been the CPO at Humana for just over two years. Johnson was interviewed by the CPO Exchange where he talked about the biggest challenges for procurement leaders today and the importance of moving from procure-to-pay and moving other processes to the cloud. When asked about incorporating data into the procurement processes, he talks about building analytics and data visualizations to assist “with everything from spend, savings, contract data, travel compliance, leadership dashboard(s), and similar processes.” 

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Mahmood Shah

Mahmood Shah has over twenty years of experience in strategic sourcing and supply chain management. He has successfully led the digital transformation for Fortune 50 financial services companies for their source-to-pay processes. Currently, Shah is the VP of Procurement and Supply Chain Management at SGS, the worlds leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. He was featured on the Art of Procurement podcast where he shared advice about the automation of procurement, selecting and implementing RPA (robotic process automation) applications and having a vision for procurement digitalization.  

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Sheri Hinish

Known fondly in the industry as the “Supply Chain Queen,” Sheri has made a career rethinking supply chain strategy, sales, operations planning, and talent management. Sheri previously worked as a Global Solutions Executive in Sustainability & Supply Chain Planning Solution Strategy at JDA Software and was named an IBM Supply Chain Futurist. Check out her Twitter to hear more of her thoughts on global supply chain today.

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Nisreen Bagasra

Nisreen leads Veolia North America’s procurement organization as their CPO, where she maximizes value and mitigates risk across the company’s supply base. Beyond her work with  Veolia’s North American procurement operations, Nisreen also has a seat at Veolia’s global executive procurement counsel. Nisreen is excited about the future of procurement and “the ability we have to make more happen with less by automating transactional purchasing using technology.” Check out a recent profile on Nisreen at CPO Rising here

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Hal Good

Hal Good is a procurement leader with over 30 years of experience in both public and private sector procurement. Hal has worked across many a variety of sectors including major university hospitals, airports, convention centers, and government agencies. Recently, Hal was inducted into the CPO Rising Procurement Hall of Fame, and was named an “IBM Futurist.” Check out his Twitter to see some of the latest industry headlines. 

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