Fairmarkit enhances SAP Ariba with new partnership

February 4, 2021

Today, we’re excited to announce an integration with SAP Ariba, which helps to maximize Ariba’s buying and invoicing capabilities. Over the past year we’ve been working closely with SAP Ariba to develop a pre-made integration allowing customers to automatically source purchases—something that will now be doable through the Fairmarkit platform. With this expanded partnership we can continue to grow as a company and create opportunities for not only our customers to be successful—but also our partners and future connections. This unique integration marks another important step in our journey to become the procurement platform of choice for enterprises around the world. 

A breakdown of the Fairmarkit benefits with the Ariba assist

This pre-made integration allows customers to automatically source their Ariba purchase requests and sourcing requests through Fairmarkit. Rather than overlapping with Ariba’s existing capabilities, this unique integration enhances the procurement experience with SAP Ariba. This integration allows companies to maximize their existing implementation of Ariba's buying and invoicing tool while tapping into the streamlined Fairmarkit ecosystem. 

With the app users can gain visibility of the structured data and analytics providing a more holistic view of what once fell into a no-man’s-land. Fairmarkit captures data about requests, quotes, pricing, vendor response and buyer behavior, using our advanced machine learning engine.

Our simple and streamlined process also empowers end users and makes sourcing easier by automatically identifying compliant suppliers and collecting competitive quotes. With better data at your constant disposal, you can make better decisions on the regular.

And of course, our customers realize cost savings of over 10% through competitive bidding on transactions sourced through the platform. Most customers pay for their subscription in less than a month, and many have been able to achieve multi-million dollar savings goals using Fairmarkit.

Where can you take advantage and gain access?

We’re excited to bring customers even more ways to access and leverage our intelligent procurement solution. We definitely encourage you to check out the SAP app center listing to learn more about how you can automatically get quotes for purchase requests from your existing suppliers. There is so much more we can do and we’re glad that SAP Ariba is going to continue to help us deliver for our customers.

If you are interested in what the Ariba-Fairmarkit integration can do for your organization, please set up time with our team to learn more

We look forward to learning more about your sourcing goals and how we can help! 

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