Introducing Fairmarkit’s Integrated Quoting Partnership with Amazon Business

August 24, 2023

Fairmarkit and Amazon Business are excited to announce our new partnership to help enterprise procurement teams source more confidently on Amazon Business. Over the last year, Fairmarkit has been working alongside Amazon Business to build seamless and instantaneous access to competitively source from over 500,000 suppliers from your Amazon Business account, removing the need to manually search through catalogs.

Fairmarkit’s autonomous sourcing solution is aimed at transforming the procurement of goods and services for enterprise companies. Now, as the first partner to provide integrated quoting, Fairmarkit’s partnership with Amazon Business enables organizations to automatically request quotations directly from Amazon Business for goods of all categories; granting buyers access to the power of Amazon to find low-cost, highly available products around the world. 

Business benefits with Integrated Quoting:

Fairmarkit is committing to enabling digital transformation in enterprise procurement to help address both tail spend and strategic sourcing by leveraging automation and AI. With new partnerships like Amazon Business, organizations using Fairmarkit and our Integrated Quoting functionality are able to revolutionize how they buy and sell- specifically from Amazon Business - all while fostering market competition and greater efficiencies. See the value Fairmarkit and Amazon Business deliver: 

Expand your supply base

Enjoy seamless access to a global network of suppliers and easily purchase goods of all categories directly from Amazon Business. 

Source goods easily and efficiently 

Fairmarkit’s Integrated Quoting system automatically provides specific volume pricing for your events as well as quotes that hold price for 30 days. 

Source from over 500,000 suppliers from your single Amazon Business account

Automate manual source-to-award workflows by connecting ERP/P2P systems - enabling you to purchase a wide variety of products while transacting through a single Amazon Business account. 

How Integrated Quoting works: 

Amazon Business’ Integrated Quoting functionality with Fairmarkit gives enterprise buyers a streamlined vehicle to engage with the full range of Amazon Business in a competitive environment.  Buyers maintain the same level of automation and other benefits they expect from Fairmarkit sourcing, including reduced cycle time, greater visibility into spends, higher savings, and improved compliance and diversity maintenance. 

With Integrated Quoting, mutual business customers will add Amazon Business as a supplier to send Requests for Quotes (RFQs). The request is then transmitted via CXML to Amazon Business, processed in their internal, automated systems, and a unique quote offer is returned in the required time to the customer. 

The future of Integrated Quoting & AI

From suppliers across the globe, to buyers in every office, Integrated Quoting will revolutionize how enterprise procurement teams source from Amazon Business and beyond. 

For enterprise buyers, this new partnership will unlock unprecedented access to Amazon Business and its vast global supply base, creating an easy way to fill supply chain continuity gaps, discover suppliers aligned with ESG and diversity goals, and meet urgent needs that cannot be covered by the existing supplier base. For that vast network of suppliers, it opens sales opportunities at unprecedented scale.

“Our mission is to enable organizations to purchase the goods and services they need in the most efficient and fair way possible, and this collaboration does exactly that at scale,” said Kevin Frechette, CEO of Fairmarkit. “Amazon Business’ global footprint along with providing access to hundreds of millions of products worldwide, makes this a powerful alliance. We’re appreciative of Amazon Business’ ongoing support, leadership and knowledge and look forward to what’s to come.”

View our listing on the Amazon Business App Center here.

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