Welcome to Fairmarkit, Greg Tennyson!

August 11, 2021

I am beyond excited to share that respected procurement leader, Greg Tennyson, has joined Fairmarkit as our first ever SVP of Strategy & Procurement!

Greg is someone I have personally admired for years, not only for his expertise but his dedication to mentoring and educating others in the space. He’s been deeply entrenched in procurement for over 30 years, holding Chief Procurement Officer roles at VSP Global, Oracle and Salesforce throughout his impressive career. His background is both extensive and dynamic - he’s held leadership positions for companies at multiple stages of growth and economic cycles, a variety of business goals, and across various procurement systems and teams. Greg is also a respected strategy leader and mentor in the procurement industry, providing procurement guidance on best in breed tech approaches versus traditional all-in-one legacy approaches. He’s a founding member of the Bay Area Procurement Council, an organization that shares knowledge and best practices in procurement with Silicon Valley and Northern California procurement executives. 

Over the past few years Greg has been helping to advise our team and me personally, and we’ve been so grateful to have his guidance as we attempt to shake up procurement for the world’s biggest companies. From our very first meeting, it was clear that Greg - while it’s certainly not his first rodeo offering advice to ambitious startups like ours - truly believes in our vision to transform the way businesses purchase and manage the things they need. 

As someone who has been steeped in traditional procurement for global leaders since the late 1990s, Greg selecting our relatively new, dynamic company is a massive testament to our vision to revolutionize the way organizations buy the things they need, and the bright future we have ahead of us. With SAP and Oracle being the major procurement players in the 90s and early 2000s, and Coupa being the newer player in 2006, all three have started to look similar and have turned into the larger clunky and less agile platforms that have given procurement a bad reputation over the decades. I believe that Greg joining Fairmarkit is a signal to the industry that we represent a fresh, next-generation approach that, unlike the three above players, are tripling down on machine learning, integration-first, and automation to change the buying and selling experience for enterprises and creating the #1 data enabled marketplace for the B2B space.

At Fairmarkit, Greg will be working closely with prospects, our customers, and the leadership team on a winning product roadmap that balances procurement experience with relentless change to the industry status quo. He joins a dynamic team of co-founders with a healthy balance of leadership styles and experience, all sprinting in the same direction to disrupt the legacy procurement landscape.   

Welcome abroad, Greg! We’re so excited to have you on this ride with us.

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