Business leaders know that cost savings come in various forms; realized savings, cost avoidance, time, FTEs and even compliance.

Atlantic Methanol, Materion and the MBTA came to Fairmarkit to help identify, simplify and save on their tail spend. From automatically suggesting suppliers to refocus buyers on higher value and more strategic tasks, using data visualization to better understand spend and deliver actionable steps to optimize and improve, or digitizing operations and sourcing systems to minimize manual intervention with intelligent technology, Fairmarkit delivers cost savings.

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Fulden Sener
Vice President, Transformation at BT

“With Fairmarkit’s solution we could identify the savings opportunity much better and when we are looking at our usage, we have delivered savings of double digitals all the way up to 50% savings.”

Autonomous Sourcing

The Fairmarkit platform is configured to achieve greater competitive sourcing without more time and resources needed from buyers. AMPCO’s buyers can now quickly pull supplier groups by category and then let Fairmarkit automatically send the invitation via configurable criterias to reduce email traffic and workload.

Nick Easley
Chief Transformation Officer at MBTA

“Fairmarkit gives our buyers the tools they need to make responsible, informed decisions, based on a detailed history of purchasing information...I paid for the system in the first month, just with that functionality of making a public platform that stores how much people are quoting or bidding on my system is worth its weight in gold.”