For manufacturing companies, satisfying both internal stakeholders and customers is a real challenge. At its core, data visualization allows manufacturers to increase their efficiency to drive results.

Safariland and Maxar both rely on Fairmarkit’s data visualization, seamless communication, and reporting capabilities to enhance collaboration across teams, provide visibility into the procurement cycle, and allow all four manufacturing companies to become more efficient without sacrificing headcount.

savings on MRO
in new spend brought under management
Duncan Macfarlane
Director Strategic Sourcing at Maxar

“At our fingertips we now have a wealth of knowledge—how long it takes when buyers send out RFQs, when companies are responding and how long it takes to complete a purchase; this knowledge vastly improves the procurement process and provides us will the ability not only to react tactically, but also to use that information strategically.”

Supplier Recommendations

Manufacturing companies like Maxar and Safariland were able to expand and leverage their supplier base with Fairmarkit's Supplier Recommendations. Now, they report on the diversity of their suppliers, such as small businesses, female or minority owned businesses and more, to participate in their overall organizations diversity and compliance initiatives, all without adding headcount, additional work or overhauling full processes

Wayne Lachowicz
Strategic Commodities Manager at Safariland

“Using the Fairmarkit tool has really allowed us to expand upon our supplier base, find new suppliers where we weren’t doing business before, and really mitigate some of our risk across the board for our non strategic items.”