Oil, Gas and Energy organizations’ enormous scale of operations produces incredibly complex systems and needs. Today, the need for innovative solutions has never been greater.

For bp, their legacy procurement systems and inefficiencies within their manual sourcing processes were resulting in frustration among teams and stakeholders. bp wanted to free up resources to concentrate on value-added procurement activity and make use of the best digital tools available. Similarly, Atlantic Methanol was seeking a software solution to help generate cost savings and avoidance, while automating the process to maximize output for a small team. By working with Fairmarkit to automate processes, bp and Atlantic Methanol’s procurement teams were able to deliver the same scope automatically that was previously done manually.

identified savings
month to implement
cycle time reduction
Nicholas Wright
Director, Digital and Innovation at bp

"Before Fairmarkit we had a very manual sourcing process and it took time and what that caused was frustration with our stakeholders. What Fairmarkit has allowed us to do is complete those requirements without the people there. And for us that has been massive to unlocking the efficiency targets that were achieved through the platform and also the reduction in cycle.”

ERP Integrations

Fairmarkit handled the implementation from start to finish, without draining internal resources, when both bp and Atlantic Methanol joined. Having systems that seamlessly communicate through integrations or data analytics that are automatically emailed to stakeholders allows Oil, Gas and Energy conglomerates to work more efficiently.

Brian Jackson
Vice President of Commercial Operations at Atlantic Methanol

“The results with Fairmarkit really have been wonderful. We have been able to optimize and even reduce our buying team and repurpose some of those individuals in areas that were needed.”