For companies providing services across industries and the world, visibility into the processes and their results is critical for success.

SDI, Emirates Flight Catering and Refinitiv utilize Fairmarkit’s real time analytics and custom reporting and dashboards to identify areas of opportunities or savings and areas to improve process or drive efficiencies. With Fairmarkit, Emirates now has the intelligence to efficiently identify their performance, resulting in 85% cycle time reduction. Similarly, SDI now has data transparency to track compliance and adoption whereas Refinitiv leveraged our intelligent technology to automate more of the processes and offload manual efforts.

months for first year ROI to be achieved
reduction in cycle time
suppliers moved under management
Jeremy Jordan
Chief Operating Officer at SDI

“With Fairmarkit we’ve been able to achieve our first year ROI in 9 months. The KPIs and metrics that were especially impacted by the Fairmarkit platform was the ability to see what our buyers were doing. We were able to see how many quotes each buyer was getting, who is really adopting to the program, who was really driving the performance for our customers.”

Dashboards & Reporting

Fairmarkit’s ​​centralized dashboard is a crucial part of providing companies like SDI, Emirates Flight Catering and Refinitiv with the ability to see the bigger picture, share knowledge and improve processes across their enterprises. Procurement teams are no longer being consumed by tactical activities and instead focusing on strategic analytics to unlock further potential value. Now, Fairmarkit allows them to track the metrics that matter to them and their customers.

Henry Shepperd
Senior Procurement Performance Manager at Emirates Flight Catering

"The key metric for me for any procurement technology is adoption. And the adoption of Fairmarkit has been fantastic, both from our buyers, but also from our supply base. We've rolled it out in a number of different categories and the success of those programs will see us rolling Fairmarkit across further categories."