As part of a wider transformation initiative at the multinational telecom giant, BT wanted to completely digitize its procurement function to bring more spend under management and maximize output.

To do this, they needed to implement an automated system that gave power and ownership to BT staff around the world, while also providing a better way to track and monitor spend. With Fairmarkit, their organization can now glean deep insight into their sourcing and spend, increase the visibility through reports and dashboards, and unify their global buying teams under one source-to-pay process.

weeks for 7 digit spend coverage
savings delivered
estimated planned savings by 2025
Fulden Sener
Vice President, Transformation at BT

“Starting with the user experience, it is really simple to use. The second thing is the machine learning and artificial intelligence in Fairmarkit makes our lives much easier and that absolutely helps our category managers reduce their cycle time and of course, that makes the internal stakeholders happy. The third one is it’s really easy to implement and you can use it for any category.”

Autonomous Sourcing

The Fairmarkit platform is configured to achieve greater competitive sourcing without more time and resources needed from buyers. Buyers at telecom companies can now quickly pull supplier groups by category and then let Fairmarkit automatically send the invitation via configurable criterias to reduce email traffic and workload.

Adam Brown
Transforming and Digitizing Procurement at BT

“At BT, we are committed to excellence in sourcing, which includes leveraging data and automation to reimagine our processes. Fairmarkit enhances our procurement function by automating tactical parts of the process and giving data insights into our activities, so our team can focus on driving maximum impact.”