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"We are achieving an additional 8% of savings on tail spend, which is a great improvement for us. We were looking at this as an experiment. We started with one category, in one geo, and now we are proving it, showing the value, and looking at how to expand."
Ivan Skerl
Chief Digital & Information Officer

Top KPIs for Manufacturing & CPG companies

Total employee effort from requisition to PO dispatch

Total time duration from requisition to purchase order dispatch

Percentage of spend under management

Procurement cycle time

Lead time

"Once I saw the solution, and what it could do, it was a no-brainer to at least try this thing out. It was quite a low risk from a cost perspective, and it gave us the opportunity to maximize our labor so that we could go likely years before having to add additional people to buy in the MRO space, regardless of how large our sites actually expand."
Al Moss
Global Vice President of Supply Chain and Procurement