Buying process

Introduce automation into your sourcing process to create a standardized buying process

Enable your procurement team to focus on the things that matter. Stop wasting time with email bids, long phone calls, piles of paperwork, outdated catalogs and drawn out negotiations. Leverage Fairmarkit's artificial intelligence to increase your team's productivity while realizing cost savings of over 15% across all non-strategic spend.

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Seamlessly create RFQs and RFPs with our user-friendly interface


Increase competition and reduce source-to-award cycle times without disruption

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Impact without interruption

Fairmarkit works with your existing ERP or P2P, providing a smooth buying experience aligned to your existing workflow

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Coordinating AI and buyers

We empower buyers with AI recommendations and automation so they can focus on strategic purchases instead of tail spend

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Automated communication

Fairmarkit handles communication with vendors and standardizes quote analysis across goods and services


Intelligent vendor recommendations

Our patented technology identifies the best vendors from your own vendor base and our ecosystem of over 300K suppliers


Analyze buyer performance

Access Fairmarkit's analytics dashboard to understand how your team is performing and identify new insights to optimize performance

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Fairmarkit delivers value while fitting seamlessly within your existing process flow

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Seamlessly transform buying behavior and outcomes

With Fairmarkit, you can quickly implement process automation and uncover cost savings throughout your non-strategic spend categories, freeing your team to focus and deliver on strategic sourcing and purchasing objectives.

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Rationalize vendor pool

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Minimize number of POs

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Decrease source-to-award cycle time

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Make informed sourcing decisions

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Improve supplier relationships

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Increase buyer satisfaction


What our customers are saying

“Fairmarkit has helped save us countless hours on compliance, and as a byproduct, cut costs."

Randall Moore
Chief Procurement Officer

“Fairmarkit brings our bidding for purchases under $50K into a new era, that includes massive enhancements to transparency, efficiency, and also has data analytics to help us track and detect prices, trends, and abnormalities”

Luis Ramirez
Chief Executive Officer
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"Fairmarkit is something that will cut your purchase workload down by at least 50% right out of the gate. It's very easy to use. Instead of having everything spread throughout your email inbox, the platform centralizes all of your purchasing activity. You can see all your vendors, analyze vendor performance and analyze all your pricing in one place."

Geoffrey Diggs
Supply Chain Manager
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