Maximize your buyers' efficiency with the power of automation

Automation streamlines the sourcing process to help your buyers do more with less time and effort. Less manual work for your team means they’re spending more time on projects that matter.

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Automate where it makes sense for your team

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Exchange data between your ERP or P2P system and Fairmarkit in real-time

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Automate entire sourcing events, from supplier recommendations, to automated bundling, automated sending, automated awarding, and response scoring

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Centralize supplier communication and sourcing event history

Transform your source‑to‑award process


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Requisition created
Award RFx
Item delivered


Fairmarkit platform processing requests on a screen
Suppliers recommended automatically
Process quotes and results automatically
Suppliers notified automatically


image of a factory to represent vendors
Submit quotes
Receive results

By automating sourcing processes, our customers see:

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49% reduction in source-to-award cycle time

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Increased buyer satisfaction


60% increase in supplier response rates

At BT, we are committed to excellence in sourcing, which includes leveraging data and automation to reimagine our processes. For this reason, Fairmarkit’s intelligent sourcing platform was a natural fit for our organization. Fairmarkit enhances our procurement function by automating tactical parts of the process and giving data insights into our activities, so our team can focus on driving maximum impact in more strategic ways.

Adam Brown
Senior Transformation Manager at BT Sourced

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