Centralize all of your requests

Fairmarkit moves sourcing activity out of email inboxes to streamline request management and create structured data.

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A single destination for the full source-to-award process

two dollar sign cards meant to compare bids

View supplier bids and responses side-by-side to easily compare and award

Fairmarkit board with a money sign coming out of it

Capture all responses from suppliers, even those received outside Fairmarkit, for a complete picture of a sourcing event

Filter with a magnifying glass looking at it

Search prior sourcing events and supplier responses to quickly reference historical purchasing activity

All your requests in a simplified view

Integrate Fairmarkit directly with your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and procure-to-pay (P2P) platforms to effectively source while maintaining a seamless buying experience. Choose which requisitions you want to source through our platform and seamlessly send the data to Fairmarkit.

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Fairmarkit's recommendation engine suggests approved suppliers that can provide the requested goods or services. You can also see and add other non-registered suppliers from the Fairmarkit supplier ecosystem. After reviewing suppliers, submit your request, and Fairmarkit will handle soliciting and collecting bids.

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Supplier responses are collected and automatically scored for review. Multiple item RFx events can be awarded to one or more suppliers, and awarding in Fairmarkit can trigger Purchase Order processing in your ERP. All event data, including attachments, are retained for a full history of the sourcing event.

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Over time, Fairmarkit clarifies which of your suppliers are active and competitive and which are less responsive or dormant, enabling you to rationalize your supplier pool. In addition to your own supplier base, you will have access to Fairmarkit's ecosystem of over 300k suppliers across key categories.

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By managing requests within Fairmarkit, our customers see:

Improved productivity for supply chain and procurement departments

Stronger policy adherence while minimizing manual touches

Accessible and consistent sourcing event data

Instead of having everything spread throughout your email inbox, the platform centralizes all of your purchasing activity. You can see all your vendors, analyze vendor performance, and analyze all your pricing in one place.

Geoffrey Diggs
Supply Chain Manager, SFMTA

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