Gain instant visibility into your spend

Out-of-the-box analytics and actionable dashboards are more than just easy on the eyes. Armed with your spend and performance data, your team unlocks negotiating power and can act on areas of opportunity.

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screenshot of Fairmarkit analytics spend

See where the money goes

Spend analytics broken down by category highlight strategic versus tactical sourcing opportunities, as well as vendor performance.

Keep tabs on compliance and performance

Buyer performance tracks throughput and results of sourcing activities, while sole- and single-source reporting easily shows you where competitive bidding isn’t happening.

screenshot of Fairmarkit analytics spend
screenshot of Fairmarkit analytics spend

Track the metrics that matter

Retroactive and proactive KPI monitoring at your fingertips keep executives and stakeholders up to speed.

With instant spend and performance analytics, our customers see:

Better reporting from improved data quality

Better negotiating power based on performance data

Optimized budgets and resources

Fairmarkit brings our bidding for purchases into a new era, that includes massive enhancements to transparency, efficiency, and also has data analytics to help us track and detect prices, trends, and also any abnormalities.

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