Unlock your supplier data to work for you

Intelligent supplier recommendations find the best supplier for your purchases, using both your historic data and ours. Enable end users to source from the right people to meet compliance requirements and receive more bids across categories.

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Supplier recommendations at scale

No more manual email searches or complex database queries to track down supplier information. Fairmarkit surfaces the best suppliers for your requests by using historical purchase data, product and service category information, and supplier response behavior.

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Sourcing a new item or looking for alternative suppliers? Access our marketplace of thousands of suppliers to strengthen your supplier base and get more competitive bids.

Smarter requests

Fairmarkit automatically identifies the most relevant suppliers based on the goods and/or services being requested. By extension, it also identifies the most relevant opportunities for each supplier in our network. Taken in combination, the outcome is an optimal matching between requests and suppliers.

By leveraging the supplier recommendation engine, our customers:

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Receive 60% more quotes per RFQ

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Save time in the sourcing process

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Increase their compliance and diversity initiatives by 30%

Fairmarkit gives our buyers the tools they need to make responsible, informed decisions based on a detailed history of purchasing information. The system paid for itself in the first month.

Nick Easley
Chief Transformation Officer, MBTA

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