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Automate Request for Quote (RFQ) creation, bid collection, and awarding on Amazon Business with Fairmarkit’s integrated quoting.

  • The integrated quoting app connects with ERP and P2P systems to automate manual source-to-award workflows so procurement teams can manage 10x more events and reduce cycle times by 40%.

  • Fairmarkit acts on purchase demand in the ERP so buyers can create RFQs, identify suppliers, gather bids, and award business, and send POs to Amazon Business suppliers within minutes.

  • Fairmarkit’s AI-powered supplier recommendations find the best-fit suppliers for every RFQ by leveraging an organization’s procurement data, as well as the thousands of buyer & supplier interactions on the Fairmarkit and Amazon Business marketplace everyday.

  • The competitive bidding helps buyers uncover over 11% cost-savings across categories without compromising on compliance.

more RFQs per FTE
ERP/P2P systems integrate with Fairmarkit
cycle time reduction
cost-savings on purchases

Find out how Fairmarkit helps enterprise procurement teams source more confidently on Amazon Business

Expand your supply base
Enjoy seamless access to a global network of suppliers and easily purchase goods of all categories directly from Amazon Business.
Source goods easily and efficiently
Fairmarkit’s integrated quoting system automatically provides specific volume pricing for your events as well as quotes that hold price for 30 days.
Source from over 500,000 suppliers from your single Amazon Business account
Automate manual source-to-award workflows by connecting ERP/P2P systems - enabling you to purchase a wide variety of products while transacting through a single Amazon Business account.