Integration Solutions

Strategic Sourcing

Fairmarkit’s Tail Spend Management Platform was built with our customers in mind. To be useful, it had to meet two criteria. It had to be fast, and it had to be easy to use. With these benchmarks in mind, we’ve worked toward a quick, seamless integration strategy. Over time, we’ve solidified two standard integration phases.

Phase 1: First, we set up data flow to keep up-to-date information on transaction history, approved vendors, and active buyers and shoppers. This phase also enables indirect integration with Source to Pay (S2P) and Procure to Pay (P2P) systems to ensure buyers can easily source requisitions within Fairmarkit without double keying. For this phase, Fairmarkit does not go behind the firewall and IT does not need to be involved.

Phase 2: After a few months of service, Fairmarkit customers have measured, documented results. Many customers use these results to support the platform’s direct integration into a S2P or P2P. This can also include static, hosted catalogs or dynamic catalogs already setup with a system.


Fairmarkit delivers a simple sourcing platform to address the 20% of spend that’s not under management

See how Fairmarkit can put your data to work to receive an average of 6-12% cost savings, increase operational efficiencies by 30% and gain the ability to re-allocate your team to more strategic initiatives.

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