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Digitize more of your sourcing process with automation technology

Add more automation to your existing processes to get more out of the digital investments you’ve already made, without a lot of work to get it up and running.

In a matter of weeks, you’ll accelerate your digital transformation strategy by taking sourcing out of email inboxes and into one central place. Your teams have the tools they need at their fingertips to be more effective.

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A resource to help you learn more about procurement innovation:

“Automating the procurement function brings a host of benefits to any organization. Cost savings are increased while decreasing off-contract and non-catalog spend. More activity can be brought under management—including tail spend—and the procurement team has much greater visibility over all its functions, allowing it to better mitigate risk and maximize efficiency and resources.”

Read more about the benefits of automating procurement in this blog on The Source.

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Streamline sourcing processes to drive enterprise digital transformation

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Reduce procurement cycle times

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Gain visibility into sourcing activity

Bring all requests to one central place

Fairmarkit digitizes your requests and supplier communication to make the entire process more efficient, while also making it easy to measure compliance and report on KPIs.

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Reduce the manual effort of sourcing by leveraging innovative procurement technology

Automation is the next step in procurement innovation. By integrating into ERP and P2P systems, Fairmarkit adds a layer of automation to the digital transformation technology you already have. Our quick implementation time allows you to start seeing the value immediately.

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Empower your team to do their job more effectively with data and automation

Unlock insights hidden in your data. Fairmarkit uses your own historical data to give buyers recommendations while structuring it to be measured and reported. With every bid, our recommendation engine improves the information for next time and helps you improve your process.

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Materion is transforming its buyers' processes and culture with Fairmarkit

Materion has automated its nonstrategic purchasing using Fairmarkit in order to optimize tail spend management. With an average savings of $48k per buyer since implementing Fairmarkit, Materion’s buyers are transforming their buying processes and reinventing their procurement culture.

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