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Source tail spend without more resources

Whether you’re trying to reduce costs or minimize off-contract suppliers (or both), getting bids from the right suppliers every time is possible without needing to use more resources.

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Tail spend has become a substantial source of savings for companies willing to think beyond the traditional procurement model. 

According to Boston Consulting Group, “firms that use digital to manage tail spend can cut their annual expenditures by 5% to 10%, on average—a significant amount, especially for global companies with total expenditures in the billions.”

Learn more about automated sourcing by reading our Tail spend management fundamentals eBook.

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Bring more spend under management

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Drive cost savings

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Get a lens into tail spend

Automatically funnel non-compliant spend to preferred suppliers and contracts to adhere to category strategy

Fairmarkit will intercept POs to ensure that you are sourcing goods and services from preferred suppliers, then manages the bidding process with those suppliers.

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Use data and automation to competitively source more tail spend without additional work

For where you want more competition, it’s easy to find suppliers, request quotes, and compare results side by side. Fairmarkit removes manual effort from the process while putting data and supplier recommendations at the forefront for buyers to be efficient and impactful.

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Measure your progress towards tail spend management KPIs

Compile results and data from all bids for a lens into tail spend. Dashboards help you track buyer performance, supplier response, and spend metrics. Easily share updates with other stakeholders through automated reports right to their email inbox on a scheduled basis.

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Refinitiv scales automated sourcing for maximum efficiency and 5-month ROI

After separating from Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv embarked on a journey to transform its business and meet efficiency targets. Faced with managing thousands of suppliers in their tail spend, Refinitiv needed to add automation to the sourcing process and start getting more spend under management.

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