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Demystifying Autonomous Sourcing: Concepts, Drivers and Enablers


Though procurement has historically been known as the last on the digital transformation train, many new automated techniques for intelligent demand aggregation, hyper-automation of sourcing execution, and automatic awarding can help procurement teams to break ceilings when it comes to their efficiency, innovation, and business impact. Hear from Kevin Frechette, Co-Founder & CEO of Fairmarkit, Amit Fernandes, VP of Product of Fairmarkit, Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters, and Bertrand Maltaverne, Lead Analyst for Sourcing and Supplier Management at Spend Matters, on how procurement organizations can get ahead of digital transformation by implementing innovative, impactful advanced technologies, such as autonomous sourcing.

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Meet the speakers

Pierre Mitchell

Managing Director at Spend Matters

Pierre Mitchell leads procurement research and IP development at Spend Matters, and is the chief architect of the firm’s industry leading SolutionMapSM framework. He has 30 years of industry, advisory, and research experience and is a recognized digital procurement transformation expert specializing in advanced supply processes, practices, metrics, and enabling digital tools and services. Previously, Pierre led procurement research at The Hackett Group, and also coined the term “guided buying” in his role as the industry’s first procurement technology market analyst at AMR Research (now part of Gartner Group).

Bertrand Maltaverne

Senior Analyst at Spend Matters

Bertrand Maltaverne serves as a Senior Analyst for Spend Matters, covering supplier management and sourcing technology. He worked in procurement at a Fortune 500 company, where an e-sourcing pilot project piqued his curiosity about procurement technology and its challenges. For more than 15 years, he has focused on procurement digitalization and people’s roles in using it. For his analysis, he also relies on lessons from psychology, behavioral economics, communications and change management. Most recently, he was a solutions consultant for the suite provider Ivalua.

Kevin Frechette

CEO and Co-Founder at Fairmarkit

Kevin Frechette is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fairmarkit, the intelligent sourcing platform. He’s spent the last 3 years meeting with hundreds of procurement and supply-chain executives from every industry to learn how they view and approach tail spend management. His core focus is on understanding how procurement can be transformed using data, automation, analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Amit Fernandes

VP of Product at Fairmarkit

Amit’s expertise in B2B software, SaaS, and developer platforms is derived from his experienceworking in both startups and global companies such as Salesforce and Deloitte. Previously, Amitled product organizations at MuleSoft where he developed their connectivity strategy, and launched a new product line for B2B enterprises to seamlessly integrate with each other. He hasmany years of experience advising telecommunications, media, and technology enterprises toidentify new revenue streams through technology initiatives. Amit has a Masters in BusinessAdministration from the University of Pittsburgh, and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

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