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Implementing AI in Procurement


AI and GenAI are no doubt here to stay. As procurement leaders uncover the solutions landscape and various use cases for AI, there is a shared fatigue from all the buzzwords, fluff, and blog posts that are ironically written by GenAI.

Join Fairmarkit Data Science and Solutions leadership as we help you cut through the noise with AI 101, a guide to evaluating solutions vendors, and in-depth demos of GenAI and AI in action to help you:

Capture more spend with a GenAI powered intake solution that your stakeholders will love.

Build RFPs and RFQs in minutes instead of days, with helpful AI-generated questions and templates.

Give every sourcing event, however small or large, the attention to detail it deserves so you engage suppliers that contribute to cost-savings, ESG/Diversity, and cycle time goals.

Discover and engage new suppliers with AI-powered suggestions from marketplaces like Amazon Business.

Automate menial tasks in sending, scoring, and awarding workflows so your teams can do more with less.

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Meet the speakers
Tiago Melo
Tiago Melo
Director of Solutions Consulting at Fairmarkit
Karim Wahba
Karim Wahba
Head of Data Science at Fairmarkit