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The Strategic Advantage of Automated Tail Spend Management


Chemical, energy, and oil & gas companies face procurement challenges like no other. Every function, from personal and process safety, to logistics and sustainability, is mission-critical for these complex enterprises. Atlantic Methanol Production Company saw an opportunity to maximize their output, optimize their supply base, and gain buyer efficiencies while generating cost savings with Fairmarkit. Listen to our on demand webinar with Brian Jackson, Vice President, Commercial Operations at AMPCO and Greg Tennyson, SVP of Strategy & Procurement at Fairmarkit to hear how chemical, energy, and oil & gas enterprises can set up their business to adapt to global fluctuations while still optimizing their performance from source to pay.

Key takeaways

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Meet the speakers
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson
Commercial and Supply Chain Manager at AMPCO
Greg Tennyson
Greg Tennyson
SVP of Strategy & Procurement at Fairmarkit